"Cops & Robbers."

Law makers and law breakers found whilst wandering the family history files.

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Essex Records.

Information of William Towleday of Stoke Suffolk, glover, against John Forster and Thomas Rushen of Ashen butcher, who saith that on Monday 8th Forster brought a sheeps skin to his house and left it with him on account.
15th November 1669. Indictment of John Forster of Ashen, butcher, stole and drove away "a weather sheepe" worth five shillings of Sir Gervase Elwys, Baronet. Witness John Chapman, William Towleday. Plead not guilty, found guilty to value ten pence,whipped.

Alfred Rushen a labourer, aged twenty one born in Tolleshunt D'Arcy, joined the police force on the 22nd September 1884. From 1885 until 1897 he served at various police staions throughout Essex, nine years of which were spent at Walton on the Naze. In 1895 he was fined five shillings for being insubordinate and again in 1896, but this time he was severly cautioned and fined ten shillings. In 1897 he resigned because of ill health and was removed to the Brentwood Lunatic Asylum.

Wiltshire Quarter Sessions.

Harriot Middleton 29, Charlotte Pearce 20, Sarah Alexander 27 and Sarah Rushen 16, commited by J. Blackman Esq. Charged on the oaths of Edward Platt and Sophia Wiltshire with having taken and stolen a quantity of rough barley from a field, the property of the said Edward Platt of Ramsbury. Warrant dated August 21st 1826. Fined six shillings each, paid the sheriff and discharged.

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George Rushen charged with assault, fined thirty two shillings and sent to prison for one month, 15th May 1841.

Thomas Rushen charged with assault, fined five shillings and sent to prison for fourteen day, 15th March 1842.

James Rushen damaged an ash tree at Little Bedwyn, fined ten shillings and sixpence, sent to prison for twenty one days, 4th December 1843.

Robert Rushen labourer, assaulted police constables at Ramsbury, 19th June 1845. Fined 2-00.

George Rushen charged with stealing money, sent to prison for four months hard labour, 7th September 1876.