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Latest Update 10 March 2013.

The object of the Rushen DNA Project is to try to prove or disprove some assumptions made in our family history research.
Although we have links by surname, are we in fact cousins? Do we have cousins or ancestors with a different surname? Do they come from a different continent? Where did our family groups originate?
In England we have several major groups going back over three centuries. Is there a link between :-

Essex, Wiltshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and London?

The Y-chromosone test can indicate:
Whether specific individual men share a common ancestor.
If a set of men with the same or similar surname are directly related through a common ancestor.
How many different common male ancestors any given group collectively shares.
Are there links between the various name variants,

Rushan, Rushant, Rushen, Rushin, Rushing, Rusher and Rishin.

Can we prove a link to the Rushings in the United States?

My DNA result came in and my 25 markers matched exactly those of two Rushing family members in the USA, given on their web site.

Because of this success I upgraded to 37 markers and have a match through my earliest known ancestor, Thomas Rushing born circa 1707 in Great Braxted Essex to Philip Rushing of Anson County, North Carolina, USA, born in 1745. Other matches are proven to Mathew Malachai Rushing born circa 1750 in South Carolina and Lloyd Jason Rushing of Oklahoma City.

As of today 10 March 2013 I have my upgrade to 111 markers. What changes has that made? As no other Rushens or Rushings have tested to 111 markers, at this time there is no change. There is a change though in the matches with the Huff/Hough family group and the Graham surname. At 67 markers they were 3 steps distant, at 111 markers they are 7 and 8 step markers distant which tends to show that the paternal link between is probably a lot further back than at first though and possibly occurred before immigration to America.

Join in the fun and link up to your ancestors in the old country!