Variant Names in Wiltshire

Rushant and Rushent.

It is probable that Rushent was a variant of Rushen and it occured in the village of Ramsbury circa 1750. Thomas Rushen was baptised on the 16 October 1748 in Ramsbury parish church. Thomas married Mary Plumb in 1774. In 1784 Martha, the daughter of Thomas and Mary, was christened as Martha Rushent. Around this period other Rushen children were baptised with the surname Rushan. George Rushen was baptised on the 24 July 1746 at Ramsbury. As no other record for George can be found it is possible that his name became Rishin when he married Mary Brown in Broad Hinton in 1777. Their eight children were baptised as Rishin's in Broad Hinton. Edward their youngest son married Rachel Pembroke in 1822 at Great Bedwyn and from then on his family is recorded in census and other records as a Rushant or Rushent. This trend continued with their children and grand children surnames until circa late 1800's when literacy spread and families stuck with one spelling or the other, Rushent being the dominant but Rushant still exists.

Rushan and Rushon.

Ann Rushen was born in Ogbourne St George in 1756. She had an illegitimate child circa 1784 who was named Job Rushon. Job married Mary Hall and they had nine children who were given the surname Rushen but in 1821 one of their children was christened at Wanborough as John Rushon. In 1851 he married Mary Leader and all of their children were given the surname Rushan. The surname Rushon did not survive but Rushan exists to this day.

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