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On the 30th January 1654 James Rushen married Ursula Wathmoll at Christchurch on the island of Barbados. On 21 September 1657 Ursula gave birth to a son James and on 5 August 1659 she gave birth to a daughter, Ursula. A further daughter Prudence was born to Ursula, but is recorded as a Rushim in the Christ Church Christenings.
James and family disappear from Barbados records after these record entries, where did they go? A James Rushing arrived in New Kent County, Virginia in April 1668, was this the same man?

Richard Rushing to Australia

On the14th April 1790 at the Old Bailey Proceedings he was indicted for stealing one ewe lamb, value one shilling, the property of Joseph Ekins. Sold the lamb to John Wells for a shilling and a share of a pint of beer in the parish of Finchley. Prisoner lodged in Hornsey at John Burrs. Tried by the First Middlesex jury at the Old Bailey before Mr Recorder, 7 years transportation.

Transported with the Third Fleet on board 'Active' 300 tons, John Mitchinson master. Sailed from Portsmouth on 27th March 1791 with 175 convicts, all male. The 'Active' from England and the 'Queen' from Ireland arrived at Port Jackson after 183 days on 26th September 1791. Twenty one died at sea, the ships had been unhealthy and had buried several convicts at sea. The sick were landed immediately and many of those that remained aboard were reported grossly underfed in an emaciated and feeble condition, particularly the convicts from 'Active'.

"Nothing could have excited more general indignation than the treatment which these people appeared to have met with; for what crime could be more offensive to every sentiment of humanity, than the endeavour, by curtailing a ration already not to ample, to derive a temporary advantage from the miseries of our fellow creatures."

1st October 1791 - Disembarkation completed.
2nd October 1791 - Detachment of New South Wales Corps. on board 'Active' disembarked.
7th October 1791 - 'Active' cleared of stores and provisions.
3rd December 1791 - 'Active' sailed for India.

On the 9th June 1792 fine weather was reported and also the burial of William Russion, a convict, at St. Johns, Paramatta.

     United States of America.    

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Ellis Island records give an un-named male Rushen, aged 29 years, as arriving in the United States on July 20th 1895 on board the ship "New York", which had come from Southampton.

South America

Rushen's in Argentine!

The 1895 census for Gallapegos in Santa Cruz province gives Eduardo Rushen, aged 30 as a shepherd, married and British. This is almost certainly Edward J. Rushen, born 1865 in Wiltshire.

St. James Punta Arenas Baptisms 1890 - 1903.

8 November 1896 Edward Rushen (born 17 June 1892) & Ellen Rushen (born 21/4/1895)
27 November 1898 Alfred Rushen (born 24/8/1897)
Parents Edward and Jane Rushen.

The Punta Arenas Consular records for 1911 give a new arrival from England as Perey Rushen. He was 20 years old and his birth date was given as 14th August 1891. It was stated that he was living at Estancia Cullen, Tierra del Fuego. Percy Rushen was another immigrant from Wiltshire to seek his fortune in South America.

South Africa

Jacob Samuel Rushen, was born on the 19th December 1870 at the Cape of Good Hope.
His parents were William and Caroline Rushen.

Caroline Rushin, died on the 6th August 1896 and was interred in Maitland Cemetery, City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa .
William Edward Rushin, died on the 4th August 1909 and was interred in Maitland Cemetery, City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa on the 5th August 1909 .

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