Rushen Archives.

Documents held by Rushen Family members which they are willing to share.

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Birth Certificates.

Emily Rushen 27 July 1878, parents William & Ellen, formerly Johnson

Francis Perry Rushen 16 August 1877, parents Charles & Eliza, formerly Perry

Emily Martha Rushen 4 June 1866, parents George & Elizabeth, formerly Lewis

William Rushen 8 January 1855, parents Charles & Eliza, formerly Perry

Marriage Certificates.

Sarah Rushen 10 September 1865 to Thomas Churchyard at Thetford.

Sarah Jane Rushen 10 April 1873 to George Carter at Witham.

Francis Perry Rushen 14 October 1899 to Emily Lavinia Dice at Tolleshunt Major.

Charles Rushen 17 October 1852 to Eliza Perry at Inworth.

William Rushen 10 June 1876 to Ellen Johnson at Tolleshunt D'Arcy.

Death Certificates.

Frederick Charles Rushen 8 May 1949 at Hackney.

Record of Military Service - Royal Navy.

Albert Wilfred Rushen born 1893 at Witham.

Methuen Rushen born 1900 at Tatsfield.

Thomas Albert Rushen born 1894 at Maldon.

Claude Eggleton Rushen born 1889 at Lexden.

Arthur Robert Rushen born 1888 at Witham.

Other Documents.

John Rushing of Bury St. Edmunds, inventory of household goods, 4 March 1676.

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