The Royal Marines

This page gives information on the Rushens who are known to have served in the Royal Marines.

Private Alfred Rushen

of Wickham Bishops, Essex, joined the Royal Marines for twelve years on the 18th October 1861 at twelve o'clock. He served afloat on the Cadmus and Duncan. He served a total of twenty one years and thirty four days finishing with the rank of Colour Sergeant in 40th Commando. He was discharged on the 21st November 1882.

HMS "Duncan".

Private Thomas Rushen

of Middlewick, Stafford enlisted in the Royal Marines on the 8th July 1831 at Langly Wiltshire aged twenty two years. He served for sixteen years and was discharged as a Sergeant from 90 Company on 10th August 1847 suffering from chronic ulcers contracted in service.
Private John Rushen

of Ramsbury Wiltshire, enlisted in the Portsmouth Division at Reading on 21st September 1831 aged twenty two. He was six feet tall with grey eyes and brown hair. He served a total of twenty one years as a gunner with the 1st Artillery Company spending most of his time afloat in the following ships:-

Lyne, Stay, Asia, Thunderer, Edinburgh, Gorgon and Excellent. In 1837 he was court martialled for going absent without leave and was sentenced to fourteen days solitary confinement.

HMS "Asia".

HMS Gorgon off Fort Duncannon March 1856.

Ch.17099 Private Herbert Walter Rushen

of Chelmsford, Essex enlisted in the Royal Marines on the 20th September 1911 in London aged seventeen years and was still serving in 1925.

Ch.19307 Private William Ernest Rushen

of Witham, Essex enlisted in the Royal Marines on the 20th October 1914 in London aged seventeen years. He served for seven years and was discharged invalided on the 21st July 1921.

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