Army Biographies

This page gives biographical information on those who served in the British Army.

3679 Benjamin Rushin, Leicester Regiment

Enlisted aged 18, 16 January 1893. Born St. Andrews Halstead, had a tattoo of a female in a bathing suit.
Served in the West Indies, St. Helena and South Africa. Medals:- Belfast, Islana and Defence of Ladysmith.
Discharged 15 January 1905.

2542 Harry Rushen, Essex Regiment

Enlisted at Warley on 14 March 1889 aged 19.
Served in Cyprus, Malta, India and the campaigns in South Africa 1899, 1900 and 1901.
Demobilization came on the 19 March 1902.

2879 Henry Edne George Rushen, Wiltshire Regiment.

Enlisted 22 November 1890 aged 18, from Ramsbury.
Served in South Africa from 16 December 1899 to 18 May 1901. Medals:- Pardebarg, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill and the Relief of Kimberly.
Discharged 25 February 1907.

3011 William Rushent

Served in Malta, Bermuda, Halifax Nova Scotia, Gibraltar and South Africa between 1891 and 1902.

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