The Army

This page gives information on those who are known to have served in the British Army.
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Private William Rushin, 37th Regt. Foot.

Served 1785 - 24th March 1808.
Served in the West Indies 1802 - 1808.

8445 Private Peter Rushen, 66th Regiment of Foot.

19 December 1854 - 31 March 1855.
Transferred to Grenadier Guards to serve with elder brother.
1 April 1855 - 25 August 1860

7830 Private Simon Rushen, 1st Foot Guards (Grenadiers).

Served 1861.

2211 Quartermaster Sgt. W. Rushin, 1st. Battalion Leicester Regiment.

Had previosly served in the Leicestershire Militia before joining the 27 Brigade on the 24 September 1871.
Promoted to Lance Corporal on the 5 June 1880 and to Corporal on the 4 February 1882.
Promoted to Sgt. and Service prolonged to 12 years with the Colours, 1884.
Volunteered for service in Egypt where he served until returning to England in 1886. Passed education test in Arabic.
Promoted to Quartermaster Sgt. he re-engaged to complete twenty one years and was posted to Bermuda in September 1888.

Died at Prospect,Bermuda of dysentry 10 October 1890.
Commemorated on monument at St. Martins Cathedral, St. Georges Chapel.

The Second Afghan War 1878 - 1880.

2368 Alexander Rushen, 2nd Bn., 7th Foot (Royal Fusiliers).

Labourer from Darlington enlisted 21st January 1868.
Afghan War Medal with Kandahar clasp.

1917 Private Thomas Rushen, 2nd Bn., 7th Foot (Royal Fusiliers).

Killed in Action at Deh Khojah 16th August 1880.

3679 Benjamin Rushin, Leicester Regiment
1895 - 1902

1073 Edwin Stephen Rushen, 6th Battalion City of London Rifles.
12/1/1910 - 11/1/1914

2542 Harry Rushen, Essex Regiment
1891 - 1902

2879 Private Henry Edne Rushen, Wiltshire Regiment
1898 - 1901

S10862 Private John Rushen.

1889 - 1902
Joined the 15th Hussars on the 29 June 1889 and transferred to the Reserve in 1893.
Recalled in 1899.
Served in South Africa 1899 - 1902, entitled to South African Medal.
Discharged 24 June 1902.

Sgt. Thomas Rushent, Grenadier Guards
1846 - 1856
Yoeman of the Guard

5304 Private William Rushen, 3rd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment.

1898 - 1910 and 1914 - 1916
Served in Gibraltar 1900 - 1902 and Egypt 1902 - 1906

3011 Private William Rushent.
1890 - 1902

The First World War.

24558 Private Alfred E Rushen, Suffolk Regiment.

16481 Private Alfred George Rushent, Ox. and Bucks Light Infantry.

S4/060381 Acting Corporal Alfred R Rushen, Army Service Corps.

103692 Private Arthur Rushen, Army Service Corps.

8558 Private Arthur Rushen, Labour Corps & 7th Bn. Kings Shropshire Light Infantry.

9th March 1916 Ypres - Treated for severe trench foot.

102740 Private Arthur W Rushen, Royal Army Medical Corps.

L/10763 Private Bertram Rushen, 10th Bn., The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regt.)

16th July 1916 - To hospital ship "Salta" with gun shot wound to arm.
Died 20th September 1917.

28904 Private Bertram Charles Rushen, Somerset Light Infantry.

13273 Private Charles Rushen, 8th Bn., Royal Berkshire Regiment.

48794 Private David Rushen, The Queens Regiment.

200052 Ernest Arthur Rusher, The Ox and Bucks Light Infantry Regiment. (1911 - 1919)

79229 Private Edward Rushen, Devon Regiment. (1902 - 1920)

257394 Acting Staff Sergeant Frank Rushen, Army Service Corps.

M2/050677 Staff Sergeant Frederick Rushen, Army Service Corps.

136908 Corporal Frederick A Rushen, Army Service Corps.

33490 Frederick Charles Rushen, Wiltshire Regiment.

840215 Sergeant Frederick H Rushen, Royal Field Artillery.

O/5922 Private Harry Rushen, Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

3937 Private Henry Johnson Rushin, Leicester Regiment. (1915 - 1919)

15942 A/Cpl. Herbert E Rushen, Hampshire Regiment.

260207 Private Herbert Henry Rushen, Gloucester Regiment.

C/1487 Private Joseph Rushen, 7th Bn., The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regt.)
Died 1st July 1916.

6595 Lance Sgt. Leonard John Rushan, Army Pay Corps.

172678 Private Percy Rushen, Royal Engineers.

63401 Private Philip Edward Gamble Rushin, 10th Bn.,Leicestershire Regt.

393911 Lance Corporal Reginald John Rushen, 1st/9th Bn.,London Regt.(Queen Victoria's Rifles)

18723 Private Samuel Rushin, 6th Bn. Leicester Regiment.
Died 17th July 1916.

8285 Private Sidney Rushen, 1st West Yorkshire Regiment.

880189 Gunner Stanley Albert Rushan, RFA.

96759 Private Stanley Rushen, 11th Bn. Tank Regiment.
Died 25th August 1918.

34170 Private Thomas Rushen, 1/6 East Surrey Regiment.

3607 Private Walter H Rushen, Royal Army Medical Corps.

39018 Private Walter William Rushen, 5th Bn.,Royal Berkshire Regiment.

William Thomas Mills alias Rushent, 3rd Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment.

22620 Private William Rushen, 32nd Bn.,Royal Fusiliers.

9006 Private W Rushen, 2nd Bn., Dorsetshire Regiment.

15742 Private William Rushen, Royal Berkshire Regiment.

The Inter War Years.

5767868 Private Alec John Rushen, Norfolk Regiment (1923 - 1932)

Alec John enlisted on the 27th December 1923 at Warley in Essex. After training at Hyderabad Barracks Colchester he was posted to Bermuda. After 194 days he embarked in the troopship Derbyshire for Egypt. After two years he was on the move again, this time to China, arriving at Shanghai on November 6th 1928.

Alec John Rushen

Norfolk Regiment Arrive in Shanghai with their Colours.