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Latest Update Work in Progress November 2018.

Reference has been made to Fold3 Military website to update Military Records in this the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1.

Rushen's to America.

A link to America has been established by DNA! I have my DNA markers back from test and the result shows that I am linked to Philip Rushing of Anson County, North Carolina, USA, through my ancestor Thomas Rushing of Great Braxted, Essex.

Link Rushen DNA.

From the HELP page.

William David Rushen was baptised at St. Botolph, Bishopsgate in 1829, his parents being William and Mary Rushen. Can you tell us more about William and Mary? Where did they come from? Did they have more children? What happened to them?

Now we know!.
After ten years of searching for the ancestors of Peter in Australia we have an answer. A change of job for Di in Wiltshire led her to pick up, "Extract from the Wilts. Society Apprentices Register, 1817 - 1922, where she found the following entry:-

William David Rushen , son of Mary Bruce, of 36, Chamomile Street to John Bickley, watchmaker of 7, Half Moon Crescent, White Conduit Fields, Islington. 7 years, £25. Father from Ramsbury, mother from Wilts. and children dependant on her.

So there we have it, the clue was Ramsbury, his tree linked all the way back to Andrew Rushen and Grace Millington of Wiltshire. Not a Londoner after all!

From the Oriental and India Office comes the reference to a marriage in Bengal of Louisa Rushen to George E. Cox in 1881.

I have now created a database for the variant surnames Rushant & Rushent. The name appears to originate in the village of Great Bedwyn in Wiltshire. Further information has come in and we hope to be able to link the Rushen's to this group.

Did you know? Bruce Rushin designed the 1997 £2 coin! It was the United Kingdoms first bicolour coin and also the first British coin to incorporate a security device in the centre of the design.

Thank's for the information Emily.

News has come from Margaret Anderson in America of the family tree of

John "Flint River Jack" Rushin
of Georgia, born 6th July 1764.

Also from America comes a copy of a deed of sale sent by George Rushing.

It relates to the sale of land by Matthew Rushin & Elizabeth his wife, in the Isle of Wight County on the 28th October 1717.

See the Warwickshire page, a will for Roger Rushen dated 1575!

The Rushing web page is putting forward the theory that the Rushing surname in the United States originated from James Rushen who lived in Barbados in 1654. I have suggested to them that he might have been on the Royalist side at the siege of Colchester Castle. After the siege the captives were marched to the south coast and shipped to Barbados as slaves. Research continues.

Surrey Quarter Sessions - Easter Sessions 1735.
Removal Order - Mary Rushin from Ashstead to Leatherhead.

Worcestershire Quarter Sessions - Easter Sessions 1731.
Thomas Cateing of French Ally in London, a dealer in tobacco, hired a brown bay mare from David Russin at the "Kings Head" in Macclesfield.